Story of Dom Gio' Rose

When we started thinking about the image that could represent our Dom Gio’ Prosecco we knew it would have been associated with the tradition of Venice.

Half of our family are originally from Venice and when we were little, our grandmother always used to told us tales about the city and its traditions. There is one in particular about Burano islands, island of Venice lagoon famous for the marvellous and precious lace, that remains impressed in our memories.

The Legend of Burano's lace

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It is said that long ago a betrothed fisherman of Burano island, while he was fishing outside the lagoon,  in the east sea, came across a mermaid who tried to entice him with her singing. The mellow singing of the mermaid at first enchanted the fisherman but the image of his beloved prevailed and he resisted temptation remaining faithful to her.
His faithfulness impressed the mermaid and also her queen, who decided to honour him with a gift. She thumped the side of his boat with the her tail, so the sea foam created by the wave soon after was transformed in a marvellous wedding veil for his fiancé.

The fisherman returned home and gave the gift to his fiancé, who wore it on their wedding day. She was admired and envied by all the young ladies of Burano, whereupon they begin to imitate the lace of the wedding veil employing needle-and-thread more and more thin, hoping to create an even more beautiful lace for their wedding dresses.

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