Our Territory

Lagoon venezia

Colli di San Giorgio’s  vineyards are located on Venice countryside, lying at the foothills of the Dolomites  facing the Adriatic sea.

The plain of Venice and Treviso provinces are characterized by heterogeneous soils; the Dolimites Alps and the hills from one side and the Adriatic sea to the other have been the main elements that resulted in the current soil composition. Our area particularly has been formed by the alluvial deposits of Livenza and Piave rivers, t’s a loam-clayed soil,  rich of mineral elements. has medium textured, mineral rich, well fertilised, alluvial, clayey soil.

Gira livenza

Have a look at the landscape surrounding our estate

Here viticulture has ancient origins dated back to the Roman Empire as also confirmed by the roman author Virgil. In the past century this area was belonging to the Serenissima Republic of Venice, the last mainland before reaching the lagoon, called also Garden of Venice. La Serenissima paid most attention to the agriculture and wine of its mainland, called Stato da Tera, contributing to the development and productivity of the vineyards, the wine quality and its longevity. Venice was also a notable center for wine trade throughout the Mediterranean Sea and Europe.

Today our vineyards lay on the Prosecco D.O.C. District, famous globally for producing this typical native sparkilng wine. The D.O.C. denomination protects this area of production and ensures Prosecco a level of prestige in the world wine community.