Sustainable Viticulture

Since 2014 we have been adopting sustainable viticulture procedures as we want to pursue a viticulture that has in mind the respect of the environment and the biodiversity of our vineyards.

Sustainability means change the way activities are made in the vineyards combining environmental protection, correct use of water resources and monitoring the consumption of pesticides  in order to ensure the protection of the future natural resources for the vineyards.


We fertilize with cow manure in order to supply the soil with organic substances and using mechanical activities to manage weeds in the vine’s row


In our estate we are using a modern subsurface Drip Irrigation in order to not waste water resources and at the same time to give the correct water requirement to the vines.

Climate analysis

We have installed a meteorological station in the middle of our estate, in this way we can monitor the rainfall, the temperature, the humidity, the wind and the leaf wetness, allowing us to control in every moment the climate conditions and intervening precisely, reducing treatments in the vineyards.

Thanks to the mobile application we can monitor the situation everywhere at anytime.